Digitizing Industrial Film 

 The World of NonDestructive Testing - Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Castings, Composits, etc. 

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Digitizing Radiographic Film - Complete Affordable Solution * click to view  

NDT market-leading, best value price/performance

 Radiographic Film-to-Digital Solution



NDT PRO Industrial Film Digitizer

     High Definition CCD (HD-CCD), unique Auto Digitizer Calibration (ADC)  No maintenance/calibration required, saving substantial annual budget dollars  Meets/exceeds all ISO 4096 standards Class DS and ASME Section V 

AcuScreen NDT PRO Software

AcuScreen NDT PRO 100% DICONDE-compliant software designed for NDT radiographic film digitizing, ensuring digital file-sharing between 3rd parties, and compatibility of VIDAR NDT PRO Digitizer -Multi-Strip Film Feeder 

Multi-Strip Film Feeder

 Multi-Strip Film Feeder saves time, multiplying project throughput, eliminating single filmstrip feeding through VIDAR's NDT PRO Industrial Digitizer  


MSRP - End User Investment:

Under $35,000!