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Digitizing Radiographic Film - Complete Affordable Solution * click to view  

'Best value RT film digitizing solution'    

Affordable Radiographic Film Digitizing Solution

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NDT PRO Industrial Film Digitizer   Vidar website

High quality, cost effective NDT alternative for digitizing radiographic film


Lighter, smaller footprint  

 High definition CCD (HD-CCD™) solid state, ADC ensures image quality

 No image variation, exceptional grayscale reproduction

Meets ISO 14096 & ASME Section V standards Class DA, DB, DS slow mode 0.5-4.5 OD 






NDT PRO Software

Brightness/contrast adjustments for dark films

100% DICONDE compliant - image sharing



Digitally captured burn-throughs, cracks, porosites, off-sets, undercuts

Inspection Reports attached to and stored with digital images

Image Archiver tools: Create, Add, Delete, Retrieve, Export, Send

NDT software specifically designed for digitizing radiograpic film 


 AcuScreen NDT PRO specs 





Film Feeder

Scans multiple strips simultaneously - dramatically increases throughput


Optional film-slot widths:

- 2.75 inches ((7cm/70mm)
- 3.50 inches (9cm'88.9mm)
- 4.50 inches (11.5cm/114/29mm)

Multi-Strip Film Feeder reduces transition times between digitizing projects


Multi-Strip Film Feeder specs 







PACSESS North America is the exclusive distributor of the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) industry's leading radiographic film digitizing complete solution: VIDAR NDT PRO Film Digitizer, AcuScreen NDT PRO Software, and Multi-Strip Film Feeder  

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